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About Us

We are a global tribe of inspiring, authentic, ambitious, dynamic and positive wellness enthusiasts who have said a big fat ‘NO’ to average, boring and small living.

We have said ‘YES’ (with absolute divine love and certainty) to massive, global, huge, fullfilling, heart-centered, authentic, holistic and out of the box living.

Through our unique WellSpotTM Wealth + Wellbeing Training System, you will learn how to SOAR your NET WORTH, your SELF-WORTH, and your HEALTH. Life force living is what we teach! We invite you to join our growing global family of health conscious and wealth conscious spiritual leaders.

By joining our family, you will be mentored at a high level. You will learn how to find that magical living space where action + allowing are balanced. We will teach you how to create sacred wealth, up your global leadership game and ooze life force energy!

About the Founder
leanne_about the founder

Leanne Jacobs retired at the age of 33 so she could get started on her true calling – inspiring seekers from around the globe to unleash themselves into greatness. Her 2 greatest passions include: 1) mentoring her global clients to retire early so they can serve the world as spiritual leaders 2) coaching her global clients to achieve an optimal state of holistic health and happiness.

Leanne is also a mother of 4 beautiful children and the author of the upcoming book ‘Beautiful Money’. She has her degree in Biomedical Toxicology as well as her MBA. She is a certified clinical nutritionist as well as certified as both a pilates and yoga instructor. Leanne also holds her Level 1 Reiki certification. She adores her hubby, her kids, her friends and family, music, global travel, yoga, running, nature, movies and serving all those who seek spiritual + leadership development.

Our CWO (Chief WellspotTM Officer)


Linda Heredia began her journey as a wellness entrepreneur at the age of 13 when she embarked on her training to become one of the youngest Reiki Masters! Her passion for wellness sparked a few years prior, at the age of 9, when she was introduced to the incredible power of juicing, healing teas and herbs through her father’s cancer treatments. This passion for holistic health led her to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Coach Practitioner.

Linda’s heart-centered mission is to teach spiritual and wellness entrepreneurs from around the globe how to soar their business skills, leadership, and wealth consciousness in the wellness space. Linda is also a mother to a beautiful boy and loves to integrate her family into her business. She holds an Honours Bachelors in Health Sciences and is a member of the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals (CAHN-Pro). Holistic Wellbeing is one of Linda’s core values that she brings to each client she works with in helping them to create a life and business they absolutely love!

Join our Team


Are you currently certified as a:

  • Health Coach
  • Nutritionist
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Dance Instructor
  • Pilates Instructor
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Author
  • Speaker

Are you looking for a fabulous global community of like-minded, authentic, holistic and spiritual leaders? Our team is growing globally and you just might be exactly what we’re looking for!

We are looking for DYNAMIC, POSITIVE, AMBITIOUS, AUTHENTIC, SPIRITUAL, and VIBRANT wellness professionals who are ready to SOAR both in business and in life.

Here’s how it works. There are 3 simple steps to apply:

  1. Read the info below
  2. Watch our ‘Join Our Team’ video
  3. Fill out our application to schedule your interview

What does it mean to be a HealthyGirlTM Coach?

As one of our highly trained and vibrant coaches, you will be guided through our WellSpotTM Training Program (wealth and wellbeing leadership development program) where you will learn how to thrive globally as a wellness professional both in business and in life. We will teach you the secrets and habits of 7-figure business owners who are passionate about serving at a global level and living at their highest frequency.

Simply put-you will learn how to design the life of your dreams from anywhere in the world!

Here’s what you get by becoming one of our HealthyGirlTM Coaches:

  • Access to our HealthyGirlTM Tribe of globe-hopping, 6 and 7-figure wellness junkies
  • High level 6 and 7-figure mentoring from our team of coaches
  • Access to our #1 world rated product partner- USANA Health Sciences
  • Our exclusive WellSpotTM Training Program (wealth + wellbeing leadership development program)
  • Global Marketing of your biz through our community of social media darlings
  • Copy of my ‘30 Days to Wealth’ amazon best-selling ebook




Our Coaches

Meet some of our fabulous HealthyGirlTM Coaches who are passionately serving the planet by sharing their wellness wisdom and expertise!


Christina Wood

Clinical Nutritionist

thumbs_0006_Brittany Miethner

Brittany Miethner

International Wellness Coach

thumbs_0005_Whitney Mullings

Whitney Mullings

Yoga Instructor

thumbs_0004_Karen Roy

Karen Roy

Pilates Instructor

thumbs_0003_Joleen Gruber

Joleen Gruber

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

thumbs_0002_Kelly Fernandes

Kelly Fernandes

Fitness Instructor

thumbs_0001_Jenn Trott

Jen Trott

Fitness Trainer

thumbs_0000_Karey Emmett

Karey Emmett

Yoga Studio Owner/Yoga Instructor


Jordan Porteous

Wellness Ambassador


Courtney Walsh

Yoga Instructor & Health Coach


Julie Vossen

Holistic Nutritionist


Monica Parodi

Nutritionist, Health Coach & Yoga Instructor


Chelsea Bedard

Dental Hygienist & Wellness Enthusiast


Dr. Erica Mattia

Holistic Entrepreneur


Andrea Borsuk

Certified Yoga Instructor & Health Coach


Chrissy Hunter

Certified Yoga Instructor


Sarah Rich

Health Coach, Reiki Master & Reverend


Aimee Smith

Certified Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

Photo on 2016-04-22 at 10.26 AM

Stephanie McWilliams

Holistic Dietitian & Wellness Coach


Jodie McLaughlin

Health Coach


Sarah Rich

Health Coach


Jennifer Perkins

Yoga Instructor & Wellness Clinic Manager


Natalie Brunet

Wellness Ambassador